Who is the Power-Up course intended for?

This mini-course is intended for parents who care for a child diagnosed with ADHD and/or Autism (ASD) who struggles to spend time independently. Such a child needs a parent's full attention all the time...and that can be exhausting if it is required 24/7.

Note: This course is also appropriate for parents of neurotypical children.

What will parents gain from completing the Power-Up course?

Every parent needs a break sometimes - whether this means being able to have a shower without being interrupted by your child, having a coffee or making a phone call. To be able to do this, we will learn in this mini-module how to figure out what independence means to us and how we can teach our children to become more independent in certain situations.

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AIMS Global

AIMS (Awareness, Interests, Movement, Sensory) specializes in teaching neurodivergent individuals and their families practical skills that improve communication, independence and coping skills.

Power-Up Course Overview

  Increasing Independence - Module 1
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