Who is the Power-Up course bundle intended for?

This course bundle is intended for parents who care for a child diagnosed with ADHD and/or Autism (ASD) and want practical tips & strategies on how to raise an independent child. 

Note: This course bundle is also appropriate for parents of neurotypical children.

What will parents gain from completing the Power-Up courses?

  • Learn what independence means and how we can teach our children to become more independent.
  • Learn how you can help your child keep track of their work/play on their own.
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries for your child.
  • Learn how to support your child in changing from being too independent, to making safe choices in a way that would be a positive experience for your child too.

What is included in this Power-Up course bundle?

This course bundle includes all four of AIMS Global's Increasing Independence Intensive Parenting courses.

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